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    BMW K 1600 GTL    
When luxury is freed of all ballast, it moves to a new level. At the very top of this evolution is the K1600GTL – a high-class touring bike like none before it. With the most compact and efficient in-line 6-cylinder engine ever installed in a series production motorcycle.

The ergonomics of the K1600GTL are designed for long trips and leave nothing to be desired for either rider or pillion passenger in terms of comfort. The slim design in the area of the rider's seat and the fact that the handlebars reach far back allows a relaxed seating position - for hours and over hundreds of kilometres. The pillion passenger enjoys a sizeable seating area and a comfortable backrest. The adaptive headlight (special equipment feature) - a revolution which matches the visionary front section of the K1600GTL and provides the very highest level of active safety. The GTL makes luxury light-footed. This is because its unique chassis provides excellent handling. With a totally direct ride feel due to the ground-breaking Duolever front suspension.

At the rear, it is the Paralever that put's the power of the engine onto the road, The optional ESA II (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) ensures that the GTL always glides completely smoothly since the systems allows the damping and suspension to be adapted according to situation and preference at the press of a button. Every detail is designed for maximum riding pleasure. A motorcycle for people who are looking for a kind of supremacy.

BMW K 1600 GTL
Tipo Oil-/watercooled 4-stroke in-line 6-cylinder engine, two overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder
Diâmetro x curso 72 mm x 67,5 mm
Cilindrada 1.649 cc
Potência máx. 118 kw at 7.750 rpm
Binário max. 175 Nm at 5.250 rpm
Taxa de compressão 12,2 : 1
Gestão do motor Electronic intake pipe injection, digital engine management (BMS-X)
Controlo da emissão de gases Closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter, emission standard EU-3
Prestações / Consumo  
Velocidade máxima Over 200 km/h
Consumo por cada 100 km a uma velocidade constante de 90 km/h 4.6 l
Consumo por cada 100 km a uma velocidade constante de 120 km/h 5.9 l
Combustível Unleaded super, octane number 95 (RON)
Sistema elétrico  
Alternador three-phase alternator 580 W
Bateria 12 V / 19 Ah, maintenance-free
Embraiagem Multiple-disc clutch in oil bath
Caixa de velocidades 6-speed, helical, gearbox
Transmissão secundária Cardan shaft
Ciclística / travões  
Quadro Bridge-type frame, cast aluminium, load-bearing engine
Suspensão dianteira BMW Motorrad Duolever; central spring strut
Suspensão traseira BMW Motorrad Paralever
Curso da suspensão dianteira / traseira 125mm /135 mm
Distância entre eixos 1,680 mm
Avanço 108.4 mm
Ângulo da coluna de direção 62.2°
Jantes Cast aluminium wheels
Jante dianteira 3,50 x 17"
Jante traseira 6.00 x 17"
Pneu dianteiro 120/70 ZR 17
Pneu traseiro 190/55 ZR 17
Travão dianteiro Dual disc brake, diameter 320 mm, 4-piston fixed calipers
Travão traseiro Single disc brake, diameter 320 mm, double-piston caliper
ABS Series: BMW Motorrad Integral ABS (part-integral)
Dimensões / pesos  
Comprimento 2,489mm
Largura (com espelhos) 1,000 mm
Altura (sem espelhos) 1,465 mm
Altura do banco, peso sem carga 750 mm (high seat bench 780 mm)
Arco interior das pernas, peso sem carga 1,720 mm (high seat bench 1,770 mm)
Peso sem carga, com meios de funcionamento, depósito cheio 1) 1) 348 kg
Peso a seco 2) 321 kg
Peso total permitido 560 kg
Carga máxima (com equipamento de série) 212 kg
Capacidade do depósito 26,5 l
Reserva 4,0 l
  • As dimensões relevantes referem-se à posição de vazio da norma Europeia
  • 1) According to guideline 93/93/EWG with all fluids, fuelled with at least 90% of usable tank volume, (GT without panniers)
  • 2) Unladen weight without fluids (GT without panniers)
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